Vol 8 (2014)

Table of Contents

Introduction PDF
Bill Kops

Research and Scholarship

Differences in Summer Session Administrative Structures: Assessment of Potential Effect on Performance Outcomes PDF
Loy Lytle, William J. Kops, Christopher Seaman
Supporting Transfer Students Through a Summer Transfer Transition Program PDF
Rachel Nottingham Miller, Andre Durham

Conference Papers

Summer Film Festivals for Kids: Building Fond Memories and Brand Identity PDF
William G. Chismar, Ann Brandman
Implementing a Successful Winter Session PDF
Sarah Harkness, Elizabeth Laves, Bill McClure
Unleash the Beast: Promoting Summer Sessions Using Guerrilla Marketing PDF
Caitlin Huntley
It Takes an Institutional Village: Strategies to Enhance Summer Through Institutional Buy-In PDF
Jeanie Kline, Barbara Leggat
Improving Summer Session Efficiencies: A Case Study PDF
Marie Murgolo-Poore


The Case for Better Integration of CE Units and the Rest of Campus PDF
Bill McClure
The Seven Laws of Summer Marketing Revisited PDF
Gary Penders

Book and Media Reviews

Book review of Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning PDF
Kathy Rowe