OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEMS @ UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA LIBRARIES This is the homepage for all Open Access Journals hosted by the University of Manitoba Libraries.


  • At The Forks

    At the Forks: Where Indigenous and Human Rights Intersect is an open-access platform to highlight scholarship that engages in critical conversation around the connections, tensions, limits, and possibilities of Indigenous and human rights, with a focus on the prairies and its neighbours. 


  • The Journal of Canada’s Physician Assistants

    The Journal of Canada’s Physician Assistants (JCANPA) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal sharing and translating knowledge of Canada’s Physician Assistants’ practice,  profession, and health care solutions. 

    Canadian Physician Assistants are medical generalists practicing medicine within a formalized and collaborative partnership with physicians. The Physician Assistant is a communicator and connector in their clinical environments. PA support and practice the science, art and wisdom of medicine in their communities, surgery settings, or hospital-based environments across all demographics. The PAs’ scope of practice mirrors that of physicians and within trust-centred relationships with patients and all healthcare providers. 

    An Inukshuk in the shape of a person signifies safety, hope and friendship and is respectfully used to symbolize our Journal’s values, hopes, and purpose. Used as a directional marker in Canada’s North, the Inukshuk is an Inuit symbol of communication.  From the Inuktitut, ᐃᓄᒃᓱᒃ, plural ᐃᓄᒃᓱᐃᑦ; alternatively, inukshuk in Inuinnaqtun, iñuksuk in Iñupiaq, or inukshuk in English.  

    This Journal is not intended to provide directions for self-care and treatment. When it comes to health, direct communication with qualified and knowledgeable medical providers is essential.

  • Proceedings of Manitoba's Undergraduate Science and Engineering Research

    The Proceedings of Manitoba’s Undergraduate Science and Engineering Research journal is a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal. Students receive recognition for their research in a wide range of scientific disciplines. The undertaking of writing a journal manuscript will enhance understandings of the significance of their respective projects in a broader context. This, in turn, will foster a tremendous growth in their intellectual development outside of the classroom setting, and serves as preparation for a career in research.

    Submissions must be APA, 12 font, line numbers on, and no personal information in the actual document that is submitted.

    This ensures a double blind peer-review process.