Putting “emergency” in context: Leah Gazan on the introduction of the Emergencies Act


  • Leah Gazan MP The NDP Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre
  • Dr. Adele Perry University of Mantioba
  • Dr. Kiera Ladner University of Manitoba


the Emergencies Act, right-wing populism, Indigenous rights, women’s politics


Introduction by Adele Perry and Kiera Ladner

Speech by Leah Gazan (Members of Parliament, House of Commons of Canada)


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Author Biographies

Leah Gazan MP, The NDP Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre

Leah Gazan is the NDP Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre. As a community leader, educator, advisor, and media contributor, Leah Gazan has been deeply engaged with issues and organizing in Winnipeg’s core for nearly three decades and has spent her life advocating for human rights on the local, national, and international stage. She is currently the NDP Critic for Children, Families, and Social Development, as well as the Deputy Critic for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. Leah is also known as a prominent local organizer, including being one of Winnipeg’s leads during Idle No More and co-founder of the #WeCare campaign, aimed at building public support to end violence against Indigenous women, girls, and Two-spirit.

Leah is a member of Wood Mountain Lakota Nation, located in Saskatchewan, Treaty 4 territory.

Dr. Adele Perry, University of Mantioba

Dr. Adele Perry is director of the Centre for Human Rights Research and distinguished professor of history and women’s and gender studies. She is a historian of colonialism, gender, race and western Canada in the 19th and 20th centuries. From 2003 to 2014, Perry held a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair and she is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and past president of the Canadian Historical Association.

Dr. Kiera Ladner, University of Manitoba

Political scientist Dr. Kiera Ladner holds the Canada Research Chair in Indigenous politics and governance. Her research project on constitutional reconciliation examines the potential for political reconciliation between Indigenous nations and the settler state, given the long history of injustice, discrimination, oppression, domination, regime replacement and the (attempted) destruction of nations. Dr. Ladner has also developed 

Mamawipawin – a space for community-based research with Indigenous Peoples.




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