Physician Assistants as Hospitalists In Canada: A Literature Review

PA Hospitalists


  • P.A. Megan Stefanson University of Manitoba



hospitalist, physician assistant


Intro: Physician Assistants (PAs) are currently working as hospitalists in Canada, and there is an increasing demand to create more PA hospitalist positions. There is currently little research available on Candian PAs working as hospitalists worldwide. Background: There are various stressors on the Canadian healthcare system, such as fiscally limited resources due to a publicly funded model as well as physician burnout. A possible solution may be the implementation of hospitalist PAs.  Methods: Articles examined for this literature review were identified using a PubMed search of the term “physician assistant hospitalist,” through manually searching journals, and an examination of references from relevant papers. Inclusion criteria for articles included primary research, English, PAs as hospitalists. Results: The PubMed search resulted in a total of 114 articles, of which five were relevant, and four articles were discovered through references and manual exploration of journals for a total of nine articles. Discussion: Utilization of PAs speaks to the primary stakeholders in the Canadian healthcare system including the economist, physician, and patient. They provide accountability through a cost-effective, resource-efficient means. Physicians can trust PAs to provide safe, high-quality patient care. These elements contribute positively to fostering the integral trusting relationship between physician and PA. Finally, patients are satisfied with their care by PAs. Conclusion: Based on the data review, PAs are economically efficient, patients are satisfied with care and PAs to provide quality, safe patient care, which allows for a trusting relationship between PA and physician.

Author Biography

P.A. Megan Stefanson, University of Manitoba

Recent Graduate of the University of Manitoba Master of Physician Assistant Studies


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