Cricothyrotomy Following Airway Hemorrhage from a Hypopharyngeal Cancer: A Clinical Case Study

A Physician Assistant's First Encounter with an Emergency Surgical Airway


  • Natalie Dies, CCPA University of Alberta
  • Jin Soo Andy Song, MD University of Alberta



Upper Airway Hemorrhage, Physician Assistants, Cricothyrotomy


This clinical study describes an emergency cricothyrotomy on a hospital inpatient awaiting major head and neck surgery for a hypopharyngeal cancer.  The clinical presentation of this patient highlights the emergent interventions for a bleeding upper airway, that can quickly lead to complete airway obstruction.  Early recognition of an unstable airway is critical for patient outcomes in the head and neck cancer population.  


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Dies, CCPA, N., & Song, MD, J. S. A. (2021). Cricothyrotomy Following Airway Hemorrhage from a Hypopharyngeal Cancer: A Clinical Case Study: A Physician Assistant’s First Encounter with an Emergency Surgical Airway. The Journal of Canada’s Physician Assistants, 3(8), 19–27.