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  • River Steele Guillas Editor-in-Chief


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A manuscript is essentially the raw medium in which a researcher tells their story. Sharing the experiences of undergraduate
research is important. It is both a way to share knowledge, but also see the self-development that comes in the process of
research. Every piece of literature one can create is innately perfect; the true show of strength is to make it a little bit better.
At PMUSER Journal, we look for the manuscript to be in a plain word document. Do not include personal information in
the file. Have in-file citations in APA format. Also include citations in a .tex or .bib file. This basic layout of citations allows
ease of publication. No adapted figures, all work is original and reviewed in a double-blind peer-review process.

Volunteer in any capacity! We are a student-led publication. Participating in layout/peer-review workshops, Editorial Teams, and
Executive Teams give students co-curricular record (CCR) credits at the University of Manitoba.
Doing two peer-reviews for PMUSER Journal after attending the workshop “upgrades” the credit to peer-reviewer.
Editorial Team members for PMUSER Journal receive CCR recognition for their involvement with journal leadership.

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River Steele Guillas, Editor-in-Chief

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